Services we offer

Individual Plan

I help clients who view their finances as a burden into regarding money as a tool to achieve their future dreams. You work hard to make a living, so let’s take that earning power to build a system that has your goals in mind, and provides a clear vision of how you can control your money.

Business Owners

Your business has FINALLY turned the corner, and profits are growing. Let’s take that earning power and momentum to rev up your money goals. How could you save or invest more? What direction to you want to take with your business?

Strategic Alliances

You often see clients who could do better with their money, but how do you approach them with your concern? They have the potential to stop just surviving financially, and could be thriving with a positive future outlook. We have some tools and approaches that could help.


Susan has developed a comprehensive budget presentation for the Board Members at Cottage Housing Inc. She is always prepared to answer any questions that may come from the Board Members. She brings our attention to any items that may become problems in the future and keeps us looking forward.

Jackie Dowden

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