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3 Ways Doing Nothing is Costing You

September 4, 2016

When I was supervising a large office, I often felt I was fighting fires instead of proactively running the business. It’s not easy to turn around the flow and sense of urgency. My business partner and I made a commitment to each other to return our position to preemptive management. It took planning, setting and sharing goals, and commitment to making positive changes. With these changes we turned our department into a leading customer focused operation. Our office ran on less staff time, created highly satisfied customers, and grew our business, setting new records.

How are your business or personal finances suffering from your inaction? Here are some ways you may be inadvertently losing time and money:

1. Precious time lost. If you don’t have a daily, weekly, and monthly plan that consistently works, stuff happens to you at an alarming rate. At home, I’d check my bills every day, and pay as I received them. It took time every day, instead of only twice a month as I do now. At work, I didn’t plan the job assignments and share the goals clearly to our employees so they could be focused on their responsibilities. I did not break down my varied accountability to a planned day on my calendar so I could focus on each one at a time.

2. Loss of Capacity. How much time, energy and resources could you save with strategic planning? How much more revenue could you create if your finances were streamlined? How much easier would it be to focus on the planned task if nagging distractions would vanish?

3. Not pursuing your passion. What dreams have you left behind? Is where you are in your current situation not exactly where you expected you’d be by this time? Do you feel resentment because others are thriving? Does it just seem easier for some people to be successful?

Stop the chaos and get out of the firefighting business. Make a commitment to turn your personal or business activities around. Write down what you’d like to achieve in the next month. List measurable action steps that you can start today. We can’t do it all by ourselves. Ask for help from your family and business partners.

Hire a Personal Money Coach to help you identify the best strategic path. {tweet this} 

Share your goals to have more accountability to results. If you don’t change soon, how are you going to improve your position?

The overall goal is to help you take control of your money, reduce stress, and start THRIVING. Enjoy the good life, knowing you have reduced your financial risk, and have taken well-planned steps to ensure a thriving future.Give it try with a complimentary 60 minute strategic session. Get motivation from my posts on Facebook. Call 916.217.1967 or email me to set a time to discuss your action plan.

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