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Have you Planned Your Taxes?

November 15, 2016

Here it is, the end of 2016. You already ate the Halloween candy you got early on sale, decided who is hosting Thanksgiving, and made a holiday shopping list. Have you scheduled your year-end tax review? Have you ever met with your tax preparer before the end of the year? Let’s make this year this first of a new tradition. Who are you going to meet with? CPA, friend, relative, Tax Software provider, Store Front preparer? Have they ever offered this service to you? Probably not.
I’d like to introduce you to a profession called Enrolled Agent (EA). EAs are the only federally licensed tax preparers who also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. That should tell you right away that an EA is a highly trained professional. Even better, they charge what I would call very reasonable rates for the high quality of expertise compared to the other options mentioned earlier.

Here are a few ways an EA will help an individual or business:
– Effective tax planning – planned timing can make a substantial tax difference
– Paycheck withholding advice
– IRA advice
– Entity selection for business
– Team up with your Bookkeeper, CFO, Financial Advisor, Business Coach to make valuable personal and business decisions that work in all segments
– Review prior years’ returns
– Financial records organization

EAs can’t do everything; you will need a CPA for audited financial statements (Large corporations, public corporations, non-profits) and audit preparation. Popular tax software does not always include business schedules; an EA will prepare all necessary schedules.

I personally recommend Rochelle Margucci, EA. I have seen her contribute outstanding Business Consulting, guide many with Business Entity Selection, provide IRS Representation, and is always my go to professional when my clients need accurate and appropriate advice. Please contact Rochelle, or another qualified Enrolled Agent and plan your taxes before this year ends.

The overall goal is to help you take control of your money, reduce stress, and start THRIVING.Enjoy the good life, knowing you have reduced your financial risk, and have taken well-planned steps to ensure a thriving future. Give it try with a complimentary 60 minute strategic session. Get motivation from my posts on Facebook. Call 916.217.1967 or email me to set a time to discuss your action plan.

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