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A Happy Ending to a Long 2016

December 26, 2016

This time of the year I let my sense of control down, and plan for a happy ending to a long year. I’ve worked a lot, volunteered, cared for others, traveled, raised a puppy, let go of a surrogate daughter for her to spread her wings, made some big decisions, and most of all have tried to be present in the moments as they flew by.
These next few weeks, though, are the tough ones to manage. I want you to think about your long-term goals, and to celebrate awareness of all that you enjoy this holiday season. There are expectations, fuzzy boundaries, and always those with less. Some don’t see this time as a celebration, and struggle to make it through to the new year. Here are some end-of-year guidelines:

  • What expectations do you have for yourself and others? Communicate with your co-workers, friends and family so that we all understand your needs. Reveal If you’d like a quiet day or week. Let them know if you’d like some company. Convey that quality time is the most precious gift of all.
  • Be aware when shopping, now that most everything has been thought about and purchased. The ones you “forgot” probably were not really on your list, so don’t buy last minute gifts. The sales before and AFTER Christmas aren’t a good deal if you don’t need anything.
  • Whatever festivities you do participate in, be present and enjoy. Don’t worry about who didn’t show, or who looks more generous or more dressed up than you. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a big threat this time of year; only attend the events that make you happy.
  • Your health is more valuable than all the happenings. Make healthy food choices most of the time, offer to be the designated driver, and stay home if you are not feeling well.
  • Last of all, be generous with any time or resources you may have. We just rang the bell for Salvation Army this afternoon, and enjoyed spreading good cheer. Drop some change or a bill in the next bucket you see. Help those less fortunate, or make some plans to volunteer in the new year. Be present in all you do.

  • Money is not the tool to make this a joyous time of year. People and the valuable time you spend with them are the best of all. Celebrate whatever meaning the holidays have for you, and have a prosperous New Year.

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