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About the Company

Our philosophy is that we all have our strengths, and we have people in our life to help in the other areas. You can benefit from our encouraging style to realize results during our time together and we will inspire you to find new ways to manage your money to help accomplish your goals.
We all know how to be healthy – eat wholesome foods and get plenty of physical activity. It’s the same with our finances. Earn income, pay bills, have fun, save for the future and invest. As effortless as it sounds, there are so many easy ways to get distracted and forget the big picture. We are here to help you take stock of where you are, walk you through some steps, and watch you become empowered to focus on your financial goals.
Most folks who have accumulated wealth during their lives did so because they enjoy what they are doing. They want their children and grandchildren to feel the same way about their lives. Our Next Generation Wealth Transfer services assist the clients in identifying their values and goals, and communicating these with the next generations. We want to have the discussions now so that the heirs understand the situation, and learn how to be financially responsible, respectful of their family’s requests, and delighted with the path they choose for themselves.

About Susan


Susan’s business career spans thirty years. She has planned and monitored budgets for multi-million dollar corporations, served as Board Treasurer for Sacramento Cottage Housing, and has provided business start-ups with training, policies, documented processes and financial controls. She happens to be one of those people who actually enjoy numbers, and while she doesn’t envision winning people over to her passion, she feels she can encourage others to discover what works best for their circumstances. Susan advocates for working families who often experience financial stress and want confidential solutions designed for their unique circumstances and goals.

Susan earned an M.B.A. in Finance from Golden Gate University, and a BBA in Accounting from National University. Susan volunteers in her community, and is developing youth leadership and improving literacy. She enjoys health and fitness, cooking and travel. Along with her husband Laurence and son Ryan, they explore new destinations and skate parks.

Please listen to Impact Hour radio show recording here, where Susan shared lots of great tips and strategies to help you have more money and have the things you value, enjoy more peace and maintain motivation to make it all happen.

Susan is Quickbooks Certified  Pro Advisor


Susan has developed a comprehensive budget presentation for the Board Members at Cottage Housing Inc. She is always prepared to answer any questions that may come from the Board Members. She brings our attention to any items that may become problems in the future and keeps us looking forward.

Jackie Dowden

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