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Money Wise Advisors offers a variety of services to individual clients. We begin with a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss your circumstances confidentially. We analyze your current financial situation, and develop achievable goals and a time frame for action. Once we find an agreement, we’ll begin a comprehensive progression to assess where you are now, and create a customized personal plan to set goals and make positive changes drawing on your strengths. We coach on a flat fee scale so you can feel confident you will receive objective advice. The fee will be quoted upfront during the initial consultation, along with a clear description of what will be provided for that fee.

How It Works

Step 1

We will arrange an initial, confidential, consultation to discuss your current situation, your motivations, and any barriers that are standing in the way of you controlling your money. Offer customized plan for your finances and the pricing structure applicable. Most likely, you will have homework to prepare for our first working meeting. Your partner is welcome to be included in the meetings.

Step 2

We will meet to establish a personalized plan incorporating your needs and goals. We take your objectives and develop a timeline with benchmarks to measure your progress. This flexible plan allows us to meet monthly, build new habits and find motivations to create the future you desire. We’ll walk through your current situation, and set goals and bring out your strengths to take control of your money. Works for professionals on commissions, college graduates with a new job and student loans, recently married or divorced business owners, and those looking to plan their dream retirement.

Step 3

We will develop a schedule to offer you coaching on the steps you can take, the education you need to get, navigate through a spending plan and monitor results. The money saved from late fees, unnecessary fees, and saved money will outweigh the coaching fees. You have a long term commitment to make your plan clearer and easier to obtain with some small, incremental changes.

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Susan has developed a comprehensive budget presentation for the Board Members at Cottage Housing Inc. She is always prepared to answer any questions that may come from the Board Members. She brings our attention to any items that may become problems in the future and keeps us looking forward.

Jackie Dowden

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