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Strategic Alliances

Most of our referrals received are from CPA’s, Investment Advisers, Tax Preparers, Trust Attorneys and Business Coaches. Our areas of expertise overlap, and although all money matters are not our specialty, we try to help our clients with what we do know, or refer them to resources available. Money Wise Advisors can help your clients that needs specific coaching on how they manage their money. Stronger money managing skills reduce stress on the client, and enable them to focus on the reason they engaged with your business.

How It Works

Step 1

We will arrange an initial, confidential, consultation to discuss their current situation, motivations, and any barriers that are standing in the way of them controlling their money. Depending on the business relationship with the Business Referral Partner, we may keep the two engagements separate, or with the approval of partners and client, may work together to accomplish specific tasks. A tax preparer, for example, may have very specific guidelines that greatly affect the client’s taxable income.

A bookkeeper may notice certain trends or possible risks that need to be addressed. Based on their needs, we offer a customized plan for their money and the applicable pricing structure. Most likely, they will have homework to prepare for our first working meeting. They may include a business partner or spouse in the meetings. Works well for strong earners who have lost control, client family members who need to learn respect for money, and those who have come into a large sum of money.

Step 2

We will meet to establish a personalized plan incorporating their needs and goals. We take their objectives and develop a timeline with benchmarks to measure their progress. This flexible plan allows us to meet monthly, build new habits and find motivations to create the results you want for them.  We’ll walk through their current situation, and set goals and bring out their strengths to take control of their money.

Step 3

We will develop a schedule to offer coaching on the steps they can take to increase profitability, and navigate through a spending plan and monitor results. The money saved from late fees, unnecessary business risk and saved expenses will outweigh the coaching fees. You see the potential your clients have to control their money, and their commitment will make your vision clearer and easier to obtain with some small, incremental changes.


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Susan has developed a comprehensive budget presentation for the Board Members at Cottage Housing Inc. She is always prepared to answer any questions that may come from the Board Members. She brings our attention to any items that may become problems in the future and keeps us looking forward.

Jackie Dowden

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